How Do I Set Aside A Guilty Plea

People plead guilty to criminal charges without an attorney all the time. Either because they cannot afford an attorney to represent them, or they’re convinced that what they’re charged with is so minor that it won’t affect them and therefore isn’t worth paying to hire an attorney. But many of these people find out down the road that, because they’ve pleaded guilty, they’ve been rejected from a job they applied to, or have been denied an apartment lease, or have received a Notice of Suspension from the Department of Revenue informing them that they’ve acquired too many points on their...

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Can States Make It A CRIME to Refuse a Breathalyzer

That is the question before the U.S. Supreme Court, as 3 drivers charged with drunk driving were also with the separate crime of violating their states’ “No Refusal Law”. Missouri is in the vast majority of states which have so such law that says it’s a separate crime to refuse to take a breathalyzer. But the drivers in the case now before the Supreme Court are from North Dakota and Minnesota, two of thirteen states which currently have “No Refusal” laws on the books. You may recall this blog discussing a similar case before the Supreme Court (in 2012) featuring...

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Can Our Local Courts Learn From D.C.’s Rent Courts?

Washington D.C. is one of many large cities in America that now have separate Landlord/Tenant divisions that focus solely on unpaid rent cases, evictions, unlawful detainer actions, etc. This piece on NPR describes the many pros and cons of such a system. These types of divisions would be very beneficial in our area, especially in St. Louis City. It is not uncommon for these parties, especially tenants, to have to wait several hours in the morning to get through the docket call and be able to speak with a judge. These types of cases in our area often get continued...

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