Not being able to purchase alcohol and get into bars should be the least of your worries upon receiving a citation for possession of a Fake ID. A Fake ID conviction comes with the maximum penalty of a $1,000 fine and up to one year in jail. Your ability to legally operate a motor vehicle can also be affected. And future employers and schools will see this conviction and view it as a serious red mark towards your character and trustworthiness.

That is why, if you are caught possessing a false identification of any sort, you need to contact an experienced attorney. If you contact the Lindley Law Office, we will meet with you to discuss how the law applies to your specific situation, and discuss ways to have this mistake removed from your record. There has somehow developed a strange misconception that a Fake ID charge is “not a big deal”. You can rest assured that it is very much a “big deal” if you decide to not hire an experienced defense attorney and simply plead guilty. The Lindley Law Office will aggressively fight to ensure that this charge does not follow you on your career path. Call us today.

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