Perhaps due to growing confusion regarding recent rulings on the use of red-light cameras in local municipalities, some local towns, most notably Hazelwood and St. Ann, have temporarily suspended issuing tickets for red-light camera violations.  They are following the leads of other Missouri cities such as Columbia and St. Joseph who have decided to hold off on issuing citations until the legal ramifications surrounding their use are more defined.

According to the article in today’s Post-Dispatch, St. Ann is also temporarily suspending the issuance of tickets for drivers who violate their speed cameras until further notice.  However, the article also states that these cameras will not be turned off, and that images of drivers caught violating traffic laws will be stored for the possible issuance of tickets later on.

These temporarily suspended red-light and speed-cameras are but a few of the devices installed in the region, and it appears a vast majority of these cameras will continue to operate as usual throughout the St. Louis area.  These include all cameras in St. Louis City, Bridgeton and Richmond Heights, among others.  Red light cameras will also capture images of violators in St. Peters, where last week it was ruled that violators will now receive two points on their driver’s record for running a red-light.