If the headline seems too good to be true, it’s not. Indeed, the City Municipal Court announced yesterday that it will be recalling over 200,000 non-violent warrants. If you have one of these warrants, all you need to do is contact the court and schedule a new date before the end of the year. It really does appear to be that simple.

If you have a warrant, the Court plans on sending a postcard to the address that they have on file for you. It is then up to you to take this postcard and come to the Municipal Court to set up a new date. (Note: like all of the amnesty programs in the past, this does NOT apply to DUI warrants) Unlike amnesty programs in the past, there is no fee for this service.

This is without question the most forgiving warrant amnesty program I’ve ever seen. The Mayor’s office claims that this program is in response to the recent events in Ferguson, and one can only assume that similar programs will soon be implemented in St. Louis County municipal courts in the near future.