If you are charged with a DUI, you will have to complete a SATOP course in order to be eligible to have your license reinstated. There are 3 levels of SATOP that SATOP facilities place drivers, depending on various factors including their drinking habits, drug use, number of alcohol-related arrests on their record, how high their BAC was during their arrest, etc. The 3 levels of SATOP are:

  1. Offender Education Program (OEP) – basic SATOP course for most first-time offenders; 10-hour course that costs roughly $150.00.
  2. Weekend Intervention Program (WIP) – medium level SATOP course for second-time offenders and high-risk first-time offenders; 20-hour course that is held – usually in a hotel – over the course of a weekend.
  3. Clinical Intervention Program (CIP) – very intense level of SATOP for multiple-offenders and felony-offenders. Roughly 50 hours of outpatient treatment; cost can be in excess of $1,000.00
  4. Serious and Repeat Offenders Program – the most intense SATOP program available. Rarely required, except for persistent and chronic offenders. Minimum 75 hours of treatment that must be completed within 90 days. Cost can exceed $1,500.00.

Most first-time offenders are placed in the OEP program. Most second-time offenders are placed in the WIP program. But often, for a variety of reasons, SATOP assessors place individuals in a SATOP class that is higher than necessary. It is not uncommon for a first-time offender to be placed in the CIP level of SATOP simply because her BAC was excessive, or the assessor didn’t like her responses to the questions at the assessment.

No matter the reason for the SATOP placement level that you disagree with, the Lindley Law Office can help. We file a “SATOP Judicial Review” with the Court, arguing why the level of SATOP into which you have been placed is too strict, and in nearly every case we have been able to persuade the Judge to order drivers in a level of SATOP that best meets their needs.

There is talk in the legal community of potential tougher requirements for drivers to have their SATOP level changed to a more favorable level, but as of now, an attorney with deep experience into SATOP placement can help drivers save both money and valuable time. If you were placed in the WIP or CIP level of SATOP, contact the Lindley Law Office today to set up a free consultation and see if you can change your placement level.

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