The Lindley Law Office handles more drug charges than just about any other type of criminal charge. Drugs are everywhere in this state, and despite efforts nationally to legalize and decriminalize certain drugs, the laws in this state will likely not change anytime soon. In fact, despite some slight decriminalization of small amounts in marijuana in St. Louis City, it has been our experience that prosecutors in certain parts of our region are treating drug charges with a level of seriousness that has not been seen in some time.

If you are charged with a drug crime, from simple misdemeanor possession all the way up to felony possession or distribution charges, there is no charge that we cannot expertly defend. The number of charges that we are able to amend or outright dismiss is a testament to our ability to analyze every single aspect of the arrest and any searches or statements made after the arrest. People are often surprised at just how many charges get amended or even dismissed based solely on the unconstitutional nature of the underlying police search, but this is an fact that may be to your benefit if you are worried about a pending charge. Contact our office today so we can discuss a strategy for beating your drug charge.

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