A citation for Minor in Consumption of Alcohol (“MIP”) is the first entry into the criminal justice system for many people. Because of this, many people who call our office are often very afraid of what they may read online. Will I really go to jail?? I have to pay how much in fines?? Will I really lose my driver’s license for this?? The answer to these questions can potentially be “yes” if you do not have aggressive and experienced defense counsel on your side.

At the Lindley Law office we will explore every aspect of your case and fight to ensure that this charge stays off your record, either through an amended charge or through an outright dismissal of the charge. So many MIP charges are the result of police officers overstepping their bounds and infringing on the constitutional rights of teens and young adults who simply don’t realize their own rights. While this is unfortunate, it often leads to dismissals and reduced charges once an experienced attorney well versed in the law steps in.

If you do not hire an attorney for an MIP charge, at the very minimum you will pay a hefty fine and lose your driver’s license for 30 days (1st offense) 90 days (2nd offense) or 365 days (3rd offense). Time in county jail is uncommon but certainly not outside the realm of possibility. Contact the Lindley Law Office today for a free consultation and begin working toward putting this charge behind you.

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