We often receive phone calls from DUI clients who are panicked and confused after they go for their SATOP assessment. While most first time DUI offenders get assigned to the Offender Education Program (OEP) class, we have found that SATOP testing centers in the St. Louis region are increasingly recommending the more intensive level of SATOP. These levels include the Weekend Intervention Program (WIP), and, surprisingly, the very intense Clinical Intervention Program (CIP).

The Missouri Department of Mental health defines the CIP level of SATOP as “an outpatient treatment program designed specifically for persistent DWI offenders, or those identified during the assessment screening process as being ‘high risk’ for chemical dependency”.

The CIP level of SATOP is far more intense and specialized than what most first-time offenders require to address whatever issue they have that led to their arrest. The CIP level of SATOP requires “50-hour outpatient counseling program consisting of individual counseling, group counseling, and group education.” It requires a a huge time commitment and can be emotionally exhausting. It is also over FIVE TIMES more expensive than the OEP Program.

If you have gone to your SATOP assessment and have been placed in either the Weekend program (WIP) or the CIP program, the law allows you to appeal this placement. Our office files suits against SATOP centers throughout the region and we argue before the judge that our client should not have to be unduly burdened for their one bad mistake. We have been successful in every single SATOP Review lawsuit in having our clients placed in a less intense SATOP class.

If you have been placed in a level of SATOP that you disagree with, give our office a call. You can save days, if not weeks, or your time, and several hundred dollars, by contacting an experienced attorney who is familiar with how judges handle SATOP reviews.