Do you have a misdemeanor warrant in a municipal court here in the St. Louis area?  If so, you may be able to have the warrant(s) recalled during this year’s Amnesty Days program held next month at local community colleges.  For just $10, you can purchase a Warrant Cancellation Voucher which you can bring with you to the issuing court.  When you arrive at that court, simply provide the Voucher and pay $100 bond and you will be given a new court date.  Your warrant will be recalled and you can then decide whether to represent yourself in court or hire a local attorney.

A few caveats: not all of the nearly 100 municipal courts in the area will be participating, so go here to find a list of participating courts.  Secondly, while this has not been confirmed, last year’s amnesty program involved a slightly higher fee for warrants relating to DUIs. You should also be aware that these Vouchers do not last forever; you must redeem them September 13.

Finally, it should be noted that if your warrant was only issued due to your “Failure to Appear” on a case in which you have already plead but failed to make your required payments, this program will likely not be of any benefit to you.  In this case, you should contact the issuing court to find out if they will accept the Warrant Cancellation Voucher.

The 2013 Amnesty Program will be held from 7am to 7pm at the following locations:

Saturday AUG 3 – St. Louis Community College – Meramec Campus

Saturday AUG 10 – St. Louis Community College – Florissant Valley Campus

Saturday AUG 17 – St. Louis Community College – Forest Park Campus