The St. Louis Municipal Court has offered online payment online for a while now. But that was limited to payment in full. Many defendants in the City Municipal court elect to enroll in a payment-plan setup to pay their fines rather than shelling out hundreds of dollars at once. But once they did that, they had to make their monthly payments in person at the court, which is inconvenient enough if you have nothing to do; if you have a job, care for children, are enrolled in school, live far from downtown, etc. etc., in-person payments each month can be very burdensome.

If you have been set up on a payment plan in the City of St. Louis Municipal Court, you can now make your monthly payments online at

This is good news for anyone who has outstanding fines with the City of St. Louis. No more taking time off work or getting a parking ticket for a monthly trip to 1520 Market. You can read more about the recent changes at the City Muni Court here.