By now you’ve probably read, or at least have heard of some of the findings, of the Department of Justice’s Ferguson Report that was released last week. It was all kinds of terrible, and exposed many things that attorneys who represent clients in Ferguson and surrounding courts have known about for years. After the report was issued, every attorney that I talked to had many ideas of what some of the fallout would be, but just about everyone agreed that huge changes would come as a result of such an embarrassing report made public for the world to see.

The first of what are likely to be dozens of major changes were announced last night. First, the Missouri Supreme Court issued an order transferring all Ferguson Municipal Court cases to the St. Louis County Circuit Court. These cases have all been assigned to Missouri Court of Appeals Judge Roy Richter, because, in another interesting move, Ron Brockmeyer, the longtime Ferguson judge, resigned yesterday.

Brockmeyer is also the judge and prosecutor in a few other North County Municipalities. Late last night, it was reported that he has also resigned from his position as the prosecutor for the neighboring town of Dellwood. Coinciding with this announcement, the mayor of Dellwood announced that he has ordered his municipal court to dismiss every single traffic-related case pending since before April 11, 2012.

We’re still in the first week since the release of the DOJ Report, so expect many more changes to occur in the coming days and weeks. Check back for updates.