Since red-light cameras were implemented in the Missouri area 10 years ago, nearly 1 million drivers have received red-light camera tickets in nearly 30 municipalities statewide. A settlement reached late last year in St. Louis County grants drivers who paid fines prior to November 21, 2014 a 20% refund on the fines that they have paid. Nearly every city’s fine that we’ve seen have been for an even $100, so if you’ve paid one of these annoying tickets, you have most likely received a postcard in the mail and are entitled to at least $20.

If you haven’t received your postcard (likely because you’ve moved since you received and/or paid your fine), you can find more information on how to receive your refund here. Keep in mind, if you’d like to get some of your money back, you must claim your refund NO LATER THAN February 28, 2015. Also, since red light cameras are still technically legal in Missouri pending a ruling by our state’s Supreme Court, some aggrieved drivers may choose not to receive their refund and keep their ability to sue down the road. You can find our more information on that option here.

Check back later this year for a breakdown of the final red-light camera ruling by the Missouri Supreme Court.