Several Key Provisions of Senate Bill 5 (Municipal Court Reform Bill) Struck Down

Yesterday, a circuit court judge in Cole County (Jefferson City) struck down provisions of Senate Bill 5. I’ve written about Senate Bill 5 a few times before, and I believe it’s a very positive bit of legislation that will – and already has – cleaned up many of the shadiest municipal courts in the St. Louis area. But the “Municipal Court Reform” bill has come under fire since the beginning, and yesterday was the culmination of a long and well-coordinated effort to have it repealed. The Plaintiffs in this suit, exclusively small North County municipalities who exist almost solely due...

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Happy New Year From The Lindley Law office

Happy New Year from Webster Groves! We’re back at it after 2 well-deserved weeks away. We look forward to serving our clients in 2016,and we hope you all have a great year.

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Deadline for Claiming Your Jennings Warrant Fee Refund is Next Week (10/28)

If you are one of the nearly 7,000 people who was illegally charged a "warrant cancellation fee" by the Jennings Municipal Court between 2009 and 2014, you have until next Friday (10/28/16) to file your claim. You can file the claim here. Instructions on how and where to send the claim can be found here, and your claim must be postmarked by 10/28 or you will be disqualified from your award. You can read the entire settlement agreement filed by the Arch City Defenders against one of our area's most infamous municipal courts here.  

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